Contract Fiscal Rules

Pursuant to CRS § 24-30-202, the State Controller issues Fiscal Rules to carry out their duties. Primarily, there are two chapters of the Fiscal Rules applicable to the drafting and execution of State contracts/grants. The applicable chapters are:

Chapter 3: Commitment Vouchers

  1. Rule 3-1: Commitment Vouchers
  2. Rule 3-2: Purchase Orders
  3. Rule 3-3: State Contracts
  4. Rule 3-4: Grants
  5. Rule 3-5: Interagency Agreements

Chapter 4: Construction

  1. Rule 4-1: Capital Construction Administration
  2. Rule 4-2: Capital Construction Projects
  3. Rule 4-3: Capital Construction Carryforwards and Reversions

If you are requesting a waiver of any of the fiscal rule requirements, please submit through the SPCO eSubmissions page.

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