The Grants Unit provides strategic direction, policy and guidance, and best practices for state agencies managing state and federal grant funds. The Grants Unit also facilitates the Statewide Grant Managers Group (SWGMG) which provides quarterly training to grant managers and provides a forum for financial and program grant managers to share and collaborate on best practices in grant management.

Lastly, the Grants Unit provides user support and training on the implementation and use of the CORE Grantee module.

Staff Contacts

Stacey Alles
Manager, Grants Unit

Gina Salazar-Love
Grants Unit

Grants Information


Through the Coronavirus Relief Fund, the CARES Act provides for payments to State, Local, and Tribal governments navigating the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. The CARES Act established the $150 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund. The CARES Act requires that the payments from the Coronavirus Relief Fund only be used to cover expenses that,

(1) are necessary expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency with respect to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19),

(2) were not accounted for in the budget most recently approved as of March 27, 2020 (the date of enactment of the CARES Act) for the State or government, and

(3) were incurred during the period that begins on March 1, 2020, and ends on December 30, 2020.

OSC Guidance

OSC Alert Updates - Real time updates from the OSC (please check in frequently)

OSC CARES Act Guidance

Coronavirus Relief Fund FAQ

Guidance on Use of Corona Virus Relief Funds for Institutions of Higher Education Payroll Related Costs

Memorandums and Guidance

OMB Updated M-20-26 - Extension of two flexibilities to provide administration relief.

CRF Guidance for State, Territorial, Local and Tribal Governments - September 2, 2020

Side-by-Side Comparison of OMB Memos (M-20-11 and M-20-17) - RESCINDED

Contract Termination Due to Lack of Funds- Guidance and templates for agencies to use when reducing state commitments, including: contracts, POs, grants, and leases.


CRF FAQ October 10, 2020 (Supplement)

Treasury Department of OIG CRF FAQ Related to Reporting and Recordkeeping (revised) - November 25, 2020

Treasury Department OIG CRF FAQ Related to Reporting and Recordkeeping (revised) - March 2, 2021

Additional CRF Guidance

FFATA Special Attachments for Grants and Contracts

Pandemic Oversight  - Publicly accessible site created by the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) for pandemic-related information (i.e. who received funding and how it's being spent)

CRF Monitoring Videos

Duplication of Benefits

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Supporting Documentation


CORE Grants Management

Grantee (Incoming Grants Module)

Only the Grantee Module (incoming grants) has been implemented in the CORE system. Below are the Official Policies, several training slide decks and job aids to assist with Grantee entry.

If you need to get in touch with your department's Governor's Office analyst, please visit their Contact webpage for more information.

Grantee Policies

Training Presentations

The Grantee Basic Training, Templates Training and Documents Training provide an intensive overview of CORE, the Grantee module and provides a step-by-step walk-thru of each template and document.

The Grantee Modified Training provides a less intensive overview of CORE and the Grantee Module. It is meant for those who have more experience with CORE, however still provides a step-by-step walk-thru of the templates and documents.

The Grantee Refresher Training provides a brief overview of CORE and the Grantee Module. This training is intended for those who have taken Basic Training or Modified Training and is meant to refresh CORE Grantee skills.

The Grantee Department Approvers Training provides a brief training for department personnel who will provide CORE approval to Grantee documents.

The Grantee Central Approvers Training provides a brief training for Central (OSC/Governor's Office) personnel who will provide CORE approval of GTOP documents.

Document Job Aids

There are several document job aids. Each is listed by the document code that is used in CORE and there is a brief description of each at the top of the job aid.

Template Job Aids

Template job aids are available to assist in setting up "behind the scenes" lists and actions. While Template set up is not required, using them could be beneficial when creating documents and in many cases allows for short cuts.

Approval Job Aids

These job aids will provide assistance to those who have approval authority. There are two sections: Department Level Approvers, those that have permission to approve within their department, and Central Approvers, those that have general oversight, this is staff from OSC and the Governor's Office.

Statewide Grant Manager's Group (SWGMG)

The Statewide Grant Manager's group (SWGMG) was established in 2016 as a forum for statewide grant managers to learn, share and collaborate on all things grants. In this section you will find upcoming quarterly meeting dates and ways to join the meetings, as well as agendas, slide decks and a recording of each meeting. Questions: please contact Gina Salazar.


2023 SWGMG Meetings

May 17, 2023 - May SWGMG meeting: Join via Zoom 

August 16, 2023 - August SWGMG meeting: Join via Zoom 

November 15, 2023 - November SWGMG meeting: Join via Zoom


Previous SWGMG Meeting Information

May 2023

February 2023 - SWGMG Grant Summit

November 2022

August 2022

May 2022

February 2022

November 2021

August 2021

May 2021

November 2020

May 2020

February 2020

November 2019

August 2019

May 2019

February 2019

August 2018

May 2018

December 2017

August 2017

May 2017

January 2017

September 2016


Grants Newsletter


Below are links to all current and previous SWGMG grant newsletters. Interested in receiving the SWGMG Grant newsletter? Sign up now. 


Volume 56 - May 2023 (SWGMG Meeting Agenda)

Volume 55 - February 2023 (Summit follow up, GA 101 help, Grant systems inquiry)

Volume 54 - January 2023 (Summit updates and SWGMG meetings)

Volume 53 - December 2022 (Summit, GM 101 dates and SWGMG dates)

Volume 52 - November 2022 (SWGMG agenda, slide deck and Zoom link)

Volume 51 - November 2022 (SWGMG Agenda, ARPA Update, Summit Information)

Volume 50 - October 2022 (Office Updates, Job posting, Summit Information)

Volume 49 - September 2022 (Job posting)

Volume 48 - August 2022 (Job postings)

Volume 47 - August 2022 (SWGMG recording, Job postings)

Volume 46 - August 2022 (SWGMG, Summit Survey, GM 101)

Volume 45 - May 2022 (SWGMG, GM101)

Volume 44 - March 2022 (Job Announcements)

Volume 43 - March 2022 (Job Announcements)

Volume 42 - February 2022 (Job Announcements)

Volume 41 - February 2022 (SWGMG Registration, Job Posting)

Volume 40 - January 2022 (Job Postings)

Volume 39 - January 2022 (Tribal Policy & Template)

Volume 38 - January 2022 (Job Postings, GM 101)

Volume 37 - November 2021 (SLFRF Office Hours)

Volume 36 - November 2021 (SWGMG, GM101 Training, Job Post)

Volume 34 - August 2021 (Grant Template Update, GM101 Registration, ARPA/SLFRF Office Hours)

Volume 33 - August 2021 (SWGMG, GM101 Registration, ARPA/SLFRF Office Hours)

Volume 32 - July 2021 (ARPA/SLFRF Meeting Details, SWGMG Registration, Job Opportunities)

Volume 31 - May 2021 (Gov Office Grantee Memo, State Funded Grant Programs, Job Opportunity)

Volume 30 - May 2021 (SWGMG Reminder/Registration, Job Opportunities)

Volume 29 - April 2021 (SWGMG registration, Job Opportunities, DHE Payroll Guidance)

Volume 28.5 - March 2021 (2 CRF Correction, J-PAL Grant Opp, Website update)

Volume 28 - February 2021 (SWGMG, CRF Extension, Grant Agreement Updates)

Volume 27 - December 2020 (OMB releases 2020 Compliance Supplement Addendum)

Volume 26 - December 2020 (CRF Reporting updates and HB20-1426 Reporting)

Volume 25 - November 2020 (SWGMG Reminder and Registration)

Volume 24 - October 2020 (SWGMG Registration and OSC Updates)

Volume 23 - August 2020 (Cancellation of SWGMG and COVID-19 updates)

Volume 22 - June 2020 (COVID-19 updates)

Volume 21 - May 2020 (COVID-19 and CAREs Act updates)

Volume 20 - April 2020 (OMB Memos: COVID-19 and Grants and other OSC Grants Office updates)

Volume 19 - February 2020 (OSC Grants Office updates)

Volume 18 - January 2020 (Case Management Demo Registration, GM 101 Training Dates, Grantee Governor's Office Update)

Volume 17 - January 2020 (Case Management Demo Reminder and Training Opportunities)

Volume 16 - December 2019 (Demo Reminder and New GM 101 Training Dates)

Volume 15 - December 2019 (Case Management Demo and Registration)

Volume 14 - November 2019 (Important Info: Online Grant Management System Update)

Volume 13 - November 2019 (SWGMG Registration/Agenda, GM 101 Training dates)

Volume 12 - October 2019 (Grant Award Document Updates/SWGMG Meeting)

Volume 11 - September 2019 (Small Dollar Grant Award Job Aids)

Volume 10 - August 2019 (SWGMG Reminder/Training Updates)

Volume 9 - June 2019 (Policy Updates and Change to SWGMG date)

Volume 8 - May 2019 (Updates and training registration)

Volume 7 - May 2019 (SWGMG Registration and Grant Manager 101 Training Update)

Volume 6 (revised) - April 2019 (Grant Manager 101 Training Survey)

Volume 5 - March 2019 (Competitive Grant Agreement/Updates)

Volume 4 - February 2019 (SWGMG Reminder)

Volume 3 - February 2019 (SWGMG Information)

Volume 2 - December 2018 (OMB Data Standards)

Volume 1 - December 2018

Grant Guidance

OSC Competition Requirements for Grants Policy

OSC Guidance Regarding OMB Uniform Guidance Compliance

OSC Subrecipient Guidance

OSC Grant Related Policies

OSC Electronic Signature Policy

Federal Grant Guidance

OMB Tools

Federal Audit Resources

Grant Manager 101

Grant Manager 101 Live Training

New in 2023, The Grants Office will provide two different tracks of Grant Manager 101 live training: SLFRF Grant Manager 101 and the standard Grant Manager 101. The trainings are full day (8:30am - 4:30pm), registration is required, please select a training date below to register.    If you have any questions about the training, please contact Gina Salazar.

Grant Manager 101The Grant Manager 101 training provides a common base of knowledge regarding grant best practices and the full life cycle of grants. Since grant processes vary across state agencies, this training stresses only key concepts. 


     June 21, 2023 - register

     September 20, 2023 - register

     December 20, 2023 - register

SLFRF Grant Manager 101 - The SLFRF Grant Manager 101 training provides a common base of knowledge regarding grant best practices and the full life cycle of grants, woven with specific SLFRF requirements. This training is intended for those new grant managers that are working with SLFRF funding only and should not be taken in place of the standard Grant Manager 101. 


   July 19, 2023 - register

   October 18, 2023 - register


Grant Manager 101 Series

Grant Manager 101 is a series of presentations meant for first time or new grant managers. These PowerPoint slide decks can be taken and modified to include specific information for state agencies and used by the agencies for grant managers. The information provided in the slide decks is general grant management information and is not specific to any one grant.

Note: To modify the PowerPoint slide deck, click on one of the "Editable PowerPoint" links below and then download.

Module 1 - Grant Basics

Module 2 - Pre-Award Department Grants

Module 3 - Grant Pre-Award Activities for Pass-Through Entities

Module 4 - Post Award Grant Management

Module 5 - Post Award Monitoring and Closeout

Grant Terminology

The Grants Unit has created an extensive list of common terms that are used in grants management. The list includes terms from Federal and State sources.



In grants management, sharing resources is fundamental. No need to reinvent the wheel when you have colleagues who have created many tools already and are willing to share. Please check back often, as more resources are collected, they will be posted here.

Have anything you'd like to share? Please send your resources to Gina Salazar.

Grant Setup

Request for Application

Contracts and Grant Agreements

Provided are links to the Central Contracts Unit (CCU). They have many resources, tools and forms available for grants management as well as who to contact.

OSC Grants Calendar



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