Submit a New Claim

Per Colorado Revised Statute 24-10-109, to file a claim against the State of Colorado you must submit a form to the Colorado Attorney General. To initiate the claim process, please complete the New Claim Form, print and mail it to the address listed on the form, or you may call the State Office of Risk Management at 303-866-4987, to have a form mailed to you. The form should be completed and returned to the Attorney General per the instructions on the form.

Download Claim Form

A damage claim has legal standing once it has been filed in writing, within 182 days of the loss, at the Attorney General‚ Office, as required by statute. Upon receiving claim information, the State Office of Risk Management (SORM) sets up a claim file and assigns claims to adjusters to investigate the occurrence and bring the claim to conclusion, either by settlement or denial. State statutes limit recovery for damages, which are paid by SORM under the Risk Management Act. State agencies are prohibited by statute from making payments for damages themselves. The statutory references are C.R.S. 24-30-1510(3)(e) & 24-30-1520 respectfully.