The State office of Risk Management (SORM) strongly encourages employees working from home to do the best they can to create an adequate and ergonomically correct workspace. An adequate work space is one that enables the employee to fully perform the requirements of the job. This includes, but is not limited to, physical dimensions, quiet and distraction-free space, proper furniture, equipment such as computer, monitor, internet capability, phone, and privacy. Due to the State of Colorado and CDC guidelines, no in-person ergonomic evaluations will be performed by SORM or Broadspire staff. Employees may take the ergonomic assessment linked below, and additionally, employees should review the Flexplace Safety Checklist to assess the suitability and safety of the workspace.

Humantech a velocity EHS solution

Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between the worker and the work environment, including the workstation, equipment, and the tasks performed. Through an ergonomic evaluation, there is an opportunity to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders associated with work postures, movements, poor habits, repetitiveness, pace of work, force of movements, vibration and temperature. Proper ergonomics is essential to health and productivity!

At the state, online assessments are our first line of defense in terms of ergonomic wellness. There is no charge to the agency for these assessments.

For further ergonomics assistance or training options, please contact the Employee Safety Services Team at DPA_Safety@state.co.us.

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