Statutory Violations

What is a statutory violation?

A statutory violation is a violation of CRS § 24-30-202(1) and/or (3). A violation occurs when liabilities are incurred or payments are made on the State's behalf without prior approval of a State purchase order or contract, when it is required by Fiscal Rule 2-2.

For more information see the Statutory Violations Policy.

What happens if you have a statutory violation?

When a statutory violation has occurred, agencies cannot make payments to the vendor for such performance unless the violation has been approved by the State Controller, within that individual\'s discretion. The State Controller has delegated that approval authority to the CCU.

As a result, all requests for approval of statutory violations should be sent to the CCU. Such requests must come from the requesting agency's chief fiscal officer.

Who should I submit a approval request to?

Please submit all statutory violation approval requests through the SPCO eSubmissions page.

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