Keep Jobs in Colorado (H.B. 13-1292) Notice

This webpage is for posting vendor notifications and complying with C.R.S. 24-102-206 regarding contract performance outside the United States or the State of Colorado. As the Colorado Revised Statutes requires, notices are posted for six months. If notices are not posted below, it is because no new notices have been received. All notices must be submitted via the eSubmissions webpage.

Agency / Vendor Type of ServiceDate Posted
DNR / UndertoneSocial media influencer management5/8/2024
DNR / Q1 MediaDigital advertising placement5/8/2024
CDLE / SIPA/Resultant, LLCSoftware development5/2/2024
DNR / Ott HydrometHydrographic records software5/2/2024
DNR / Grackle Docs Inc.Document remediation for accessibility5/2/2024
CDE / Teach.org, Inc.Web portal dev, graphic design, marketing, data analytics5/2/2024
DNR / Equinox Geospatial LLCApplication customization and install5/2/2024
SOS / ConfidentialPhysical security services4/10/2024
DNR / SixenseDam monitoring services4/10/2024
CDE / LiteracyPro Systems, Inc.Hosting, design, development, training3/18/2024
CDE / University of DenverAnalytic support3/18/2024
CDE / Keys to Literacy, LLCVirtual live training3/18/2024
CDE / Public Consulting Group LLCProject management, hosting & maintenance of online learning platform3/18/2024
DOLA / Cobblestone Systems Software, hosting, design, development, training3/15/2024
DNR / Freshwater Consulting, LLCReporting3/15/2024
DNR / Portland WebWorks Inc.Software, hosting, technical & product support3/15/2024
DNR / PlanetScape AIPilot study of irrigated land 2/22/2024
DNR / DNV Energy USA Inc.Perform study on underground storage of hydrogen2/5/2024
CDE / LCPTracker, Inc.Software, including technical and sales support1/29/2024
CDE / R&A Solutions, Inc. dba RANDA Solutions #1Software, including modifications and customizations1/25/2024
CDE / R&A Solutions, Inc. dba RANDA Solutions #2Software, including modifications and customizations1/25/2024
CDE / Growing Minds LLCEducational Consulting1/25/2024
CDE / Panorama Education, Inc.Survey and Data Management1/25/2024
DNR / Natural Atlas, Inc.Support and Maintenance of COTREX Trails App12/27/2023
DNR / SIPADatabase Analysis12/19/2023
CDOT / Kansas State UniversityResearch12/19/2023
DNR / Teverra, LLCGeothermal Reporting11/28/2023