State Special Provisions

Pursuant to Fiscal Rule 3-3, § 5 and the State Controller Contract Grant, and Purchase Order policies, the State Special Provisions are required to be included in their entirety in all expenditure contracts, debt contracts and price agreements.


For real property purchases (State as buyer), real property leases (State as tenant) and real property licenses (State as licensee), the contract must include the Special Provisions for State Controllers' Approval, Funds Availability, Governmental Immunity, Compliance with Law, and Vendor Offset and Erroneous Payments. All other Special Provisions may be included at the discretion of the agency or institution of higher education. See Fiscal Rule 3-3, § for a description of this exception.

Except as specified in Fiscal Rule 3-3, no changes can be made to the Special Provisions without a valid fiscal rule waiver.

Approved Form

The approved Special Provisions are included in Fiscal Rule 3-3, § 13 and as part of all of the approved State model contracts.

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