The State Purchasing and Contracts Office (SPCO) is modernizing the process of requesting waivers and approvals for various procurement and fiscal related processes. The benefits of a modernized workflow include: an automated process that notifies SPCO staff when a new request has been received; visibility for multiple SPCO staff regarding what has been submitted; and cataloging of requests and related questions and decisions in a standardized database available to all SPCO staff. This standardization of requests and responses will help ensure more consistency and better support for SPCO customers.

The new eSubmissions system will utilize online PDF fillable forms for the most common requests, with additional forms being added as the procurement and fiscal rules are implemented. Please note these forms are for use by procurement staff only, not vendors.

eSubmission Request Forms


Cooperative Purchasing



Instructions and Process

  1. Choose the correct form from the list above. Download the form to your computer before you begin filling it out.
  2. Complete the PDF fillable form in its entirety.  All questions must be answered. Be sure to save the PDF again or you may lose your work.
  3. Compose an email to dpa_oscrequests@state.co.us and attach the completed request form as well as any additional documentation. This may include the solicitation, contract, quotes or other documents that support this request. This email, the form, and additional documentation are now known as your 'request'. Please note: a new request must be submitted for each individual issue or transaction; they cannot be combined. 
  4. Your request then enters an automated workflow process within the SPCO. You will receive a confirmation email that will include your internal control (reference) number.  
  5. As your request and attached materials are being reviewed by members of the SPCO you will be contacted with any questions.
  6. You will be notified of a final decision – approval or denial - by email from dpa_oscrequests@state.co.us.

Please do not send requests directly to members of the SPCO. Failure to follow the process may result in a delay in the review and approval process.