Procurement Advisory Council

The Procurement Advisory Council (PAC) consists of all of the procurement staff at State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education and whose purpose is to:

  1. Bring Procurement Officers into an organization through which they can improve the quality of the procurement process within the State;
  2. Strive for the more effective exercise of the procurement and supply functions within State Agencies and IHEs to attain greater efficiency and economy in State administration;
  3. Participate in the review and development of processes for State procurement programs;
  4. Provide professional development opportunities to all members of the Council; and
  5. Meet with peers and share information and experiences for the mutual benefit of all members of the Council.


The Procurement Advisory Council Executive Committee (Exec PAC) is a group of elected members from State Agencies and State Institutions of Higher Education. Meetings are held regularly with the State Purchasing Director to collaborate and improve State of Colorado procurement. The Exec PAC member list is available in this contacts spreadsheet. Current directors are indicated by an "X" in the final column labeled "EXEC PAC".

Procurement Advisory Council Bylaws (Updated 10/2018)

Excellence in Procurement Award Recipients

The Excellence in Colorado Procurement Award is given out each fall, and recognizes outstanding achievement within the Colorado procurement community. Nominations are sought for procurement professionals who deserve special recognition, and are open to both State Agencies and State Institutions of Higher Education.

Rising Star Award Recipients

The Rising Star Award is given out each spring and is intended to recognize those who are early in their state procurement careers but who have already shown great potential and growth. Nominations are open to State Agencies and State Institutions of Higher Education.