Procurement Advisory Council

The Procurement Advisory Council Executive Committee is a group of elected members from State Agencies and State Institutions of Higher Education. Meetings are held monthly with the State Purchasing Director to collaborate and improve State of Colorado procurement. The Executive PAC (Exec PAC) member list is available in this contacts spreadsheet. Current directors are indicated by an "X" in the final column labeled EXEC PAC.

Procurement Advisory Council Bylaws (Updated 10/2018)

Excellence in Procurement Award Recipients

The Excellence in Colorado Procurement Award is an award that recognizes outstanding achievement within the Colorado Procurement Community. The award is presented yearly at the Procurement Advisory Council Fall Summit and nominations are accepted prior to each Fall Summit. Nominations are open to State Agencies, State Institutions of Higher Education and Local Government.

2019 - Joe Weber, Department of Personnel & Administration

2018 - Emiliano Barela, Department of Military & Veterans Affairs and Michael Hancock, Governor's Office of Information Technology

2017 - Lisa Eze, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

2016 - Karen Picariello, Colorado Department of Revenue

2015- Judy Giovanni, Governor's Office of Information Technology

2014 - Sherri Gibson, Colorado Department of Revenue

2013 - Robert Corman, Colorado Department of Transportation