Procurement Modernization Initiative

Templates, Policies, Forms and Website Updates for July 2022

The SPCO is updating many of our documents and guidance, as well as providing new tools.

Procurement Rulemaking for 2022

Procurement Rulemaking: Increasing Purchasing Thresholds

The State of Colorado is always looking for ways to improve the way we do business. This involves constantly reviewing procedures and statutes to ensure they meet the needs of our customers and match the technologies of our time.

The Procurement Code exists to help keep the public trust, promote fair competition, make efficient use of taxpayer dollars, and allow the State to effectively do the peoples' business. This can be challenging, and procurement professionals must often balance competing demands.

With your help, though, we hope to improve the way we operate as a government and, in turn, increase customer service among our customers.

General inquiries may be directed to barbara.musick@state.co.us