Price Agreement Week

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The State Purchasing & Contracts Office (SPCO) and the Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association (RMGPA) held the Second Annual Price Agreement Week October 10th-14th, 2022. See the table below for more information on daily topics, price agreement vendors, and other speakers.  For more information, visit our State Price Agreement page

Daily Topic Overview

Content     Price Agreement Categories     Price Agreement Vendors & Speakers
  1. Overview of State Price Agreements
  2. Temporary Staffing
  3. Office Supplies and Facilities Roundtable
  1. Grainger
  2. Staples
  1. Overview of State Price Agreements
  2. Furniture
  3. Fire Protection
  4. Training, Assessments, & Development (State-focused)
  5. Omnia Overview & Cooperative Purchasing Requests (State-focused)
  1. Omnia
  2. Center for Organizational Excellence
  1. Overview of State Price Agreements
  2. MMCAP
  3. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Overview & Grant Program
  1. MMCAP
  2. Chargepoint
  1. Overview of State Price Agreements
  2. Reverse Auction Vendor Demonstrations
  3. NASPO Overview & Cooperative Purchasing Requests (State-focused)
  1. EASiBuy
  2. eBridge
  3. NASPO
  1. Overview of State Price Agreements
  2. Software VAR Roundtable
  3. IT Vendor Managed Services
  1. Covendis
  2. Knowledge Services
  3. SHI
  4. Insight
  5. OIT (State-focused)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do these webinars cost? Nothing, they are free for all state agencies, institutions of higher education, local governments, and certified nonprofits- everyone who is eligible to use price agreements can attend!

How many webinars are there per day? There is one 90-minute webinar per day, which will focus on multiple price agreement categories and will feature multiple vendors. See the table above for more details on each day.

Who are these webinars for? If you work in procurement for the state, an institution of higher education, a certified nonprofit, or a local government and want to learn more about price agreements, especially about a specific category, these webinars are a great chance to learn and ask questions. If you are program staff, this is a great way to learn more about the contracts and vendors available to you through price agreements.

What does "State-focused" mean? While this event is intended for a wide audience, certain topics are more focused on State users. These topics are marked as "State-focused".

How do I register? This event is now closed.


Thank you to our partner RMGPA for helping to make this event a success!