Central Accounting and Vendor Operations

Central Accounting and Vendor Operations (CAVO) provides a variety of centralized professional and technical services and assistance for State agencies including: federal tax reporting, warrant and electronic funds transfer (EFT) control, disbursement and escheatment management, PERA reporting for retirees working as independent contractors, Vendor/Customer modification and maintenance, vendor intercept table management, and IRS tax levy processing. CAVO is the business process owner for these unit functions in CORE. CAVO also manages Vendor Self Service (VSS) certifications and updates to the Vendor/Customer tables in CORE for external State vendors. The unit recommends and implements statewide accounting policies and procedures per best practices, rules, and standards and also provides training.

Please contact state_centralapproval@state.co.us with any questions related to vendors, payments issued out of CORE, or federal tax reporting.

The guidance below is intended for State departmental and program use only.

Please note that our job aids and forms are currently shared by Google Drive folder. Please email state_centralapproval@state.co.us for the link.