Commercial Card Program


It is our pleasure to introduce the US Bank Commercial Card (CCard) Program to State Agencies, Institutions of Higher Education and Affiliates. Effective January 1, 2021, US Bank replaced Citibank as the State of Colorado's provider for both commercial cards and travel cards. The contract for the Citibank program expires on December 31, 2021, which allows for a one-year overlap period to accommodate the transition. This Commercial Card webpage has been developed for the benefit of your organization's Commercial and Travel Card program administrators, supervisors, and cardholders. We believe you will find it to be a useful tool in the successful implementation and ongoing administration of your organization’s Commercial Card Program.

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CCard Resources


Commercial Card (CCard) Manual, Training & Program Administrator (PA) Resources.

Getting Started with Access Online

Download PDF of slide deck for getting started with Access Online.

Access Online: User Profile Set Up and Maintenance

Download PDF of slide deck for profile set up and maintenance.

Access Online: Transaction Management

Download PDF of slide deck for transaction management.

Access Online: Card Account Setup and Maintenance

Download PDF of slide deck for Card Account Setup and Maintenance.

Access Online: Alerts and Notifications

Download PDF of slide deck for Alerts and Notifications.

Access Online: Standard and Scheduled Reports

Download PDF of slide deck for Standard and Scheduled Reports.

Access Online: Payment Analytics

Download PDF of slide deck for Payment Analytics.