Higher Education Accounting Standards

View the State of Colorado Higher Education Accounting Standards (PDF)  issued by the Office of the State Controller. 

Financial Advisory Committee (FAC)

The Higher Education Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) is made up of the System Controller of each of the ten Governing Boards, the Controller of the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC), and the Higher Education Fiscal Coordinator. The FAC is charged by the Governing Boards with:

  • Setting accounting and reporting policies to achieve consistent and comparable reporting of financial information to the State central agencies,

  • Addressing accounting issues that cross institutional and Board lines, and

  • Implementing a coordinated response to State accounting inquiries and initiatives.

Accounting Models:

CORE Accounting Models Index

Student Stipends (College Opportunity Fund) (COF)

CCHE Statewide Indirect Cost Transfer (F)

Fee for Service (FFS)

AHEC Long Bill Transfer (H)

AHEC Non-Long Bill Transfer (I)

UCD Library Transfer (J)

Internal Services Center (ISC) Activity (K)

Internal Services Center (ISC) Activity (L)

Administrative Service Recharge for General &, Administrative (M)

Insurance Recoveries - No Asset Impairment (P)

Asset Impairment with Insurance Recoveries (Q)

Record Scholarship Expense & Related Scholarship Allowance (QTR1)

Acquisition & Capitalization of Non-Constructed Assets (R)

Disposal of Assets (S)

Record Restricted Expendable/Non-Expendable Net Position (YE2)

Record Capital Assets Net of Debt (YE3)

Eliminate Capital Assets Purchased or Obtained by Capital Leases Recorded in the Current Funds (YE5)

Reclassify Restricted Cash & Cash Equivalents &, Restricted Investments Held at the State Treasury in Pooled Treasury Cash (YE9)

Eliminate Designated Enterprise Internal Service Activity, and Other "Incidental" Internal Sales (YE10)

Chart of Accounts